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American Girl Podcast Network

By American Girl May. 24, 2022

Introducing all-new podcasts about all things American Girl!

After 36 years of creating original characters, sharing beloved stories, and publishing advice for real life, we are bringing American Girl to life in a brand new way. Introducing the American Girl Podcast Network, a slate of shows to help girls and their parents discover who they are and who they're meant to become. You and your girl can solve mini mysteries about her favorite characters, get the behind-the-scenes scoop on all things American Girl, and hear smart answers to questions that really matter to girls.

The American Girl Podcast Network features three fun new shows: 10-Minute Mysteries, American Girl Fan Club, and The Smart Girl’s Podcast.

10-Minute Mysteries

For young listeners ages 7-14

These short episodes bring your girl’s favorite characters to life through thrilling mystery stories. Narrated by actress Maggie Lawson, the series will begin with The Light in the Cellar: A Molly Mystery.

Episode One: Greystone Manor
In this episode, Molly, and her best friend Emily, sign up to become magazine delivery girls together. But what was once thought to be an easy job, may have taken a turn for the mysterious.

When the girls’ puppies Bennett and Yank happen to get loose near the abandoned Greystone Manor, they are left with a question: Did Molly just see a trick of the sun… or did a light just turn on in the basement?

Episode Two: Where's the Sugar?
In this episode, Molly and Emily start their job as magazine girls! But when they start delivering magazines to Oak Knoll Hospital, the girls are met with a chilly reception. And what’s worse, they discover that MORE items mysteriously go missing… who is behind it?

Episode Three: A Reluctant Promise
In this episode, Molly meets Mrs. Currier, the owner of Greystone Manor. One thing leads to another, and Molly reluctantly agrees to visit Greystone Manor to fetch an item for her… but will Molly and Emily actually muster up the courage to go?

Episode Four: Someone’s Coming!
In this episode, Molly and Emily make the journey to Greystone Manor only to find cobwebs, dark shadows, and a VERY unexpected visitor…

Episode Five: The Black Truck
In this episode, Molly and Emily discover a mysterious black van parked outside Greystone Manor.

Episode Six: A Serious Sugar Shortage
In this episode, Molly thinks she discovered who the sugar thief is… but does she actually have the right suspect?

Episode Seven: Suspicious
In this episode, Molly and Emily begin to consider a few suspects that leave them suspicious, as they inch closer and closer to finding the thief.

American Girl Fan Club

For fans and collectors of all ages

Calling all superfans! This podcast brings listeners behind the scenes for the real scoop on American Girl, past, present, and future. Enjoy interviews with special guests, including beloved American Girl authors and longtime employees who helped shape American Girl into what it is today. This show is hosted by super fans Kristen Washington and Sydney Paulsen.

The Smart Girl’s Podcast

For young listeners ages 7-14 and parents

Is your girl ready to talk about what's REALLY happening with her emotions, body, mental health, friendships, and more? Inspired by American Girl's Smart Girl's Guide series and hosted by actress Shay Rudolph and youth expert Jess Weiner, this show gives girls and parents advice on how to handle it all! Episodes will feature interviews with experts and real girls, questions from listeners, and fun quizzes.

Listen starting August 17, 2022.

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Looking for an exciting podcast for kids or a fun, informative podcast for parents? The American Girl Podcast network has it all! Solve a mystery with Molly, with host Maggie Lawson. Join the American Girl Fan Club to go behind the scenes with Kristen Washington and Sydney Paulsen. Learn from Shay Rudolph and Jess Weiner about having great conversations with your girl, inspired by American Girl's Smart Girls' Guide series. Episodes are available on Apple Podcasts and Spotify. Check back on the American Girl blog for updates!

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