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Mix + match accessories

Why yes, rainbow goes with camo...if she says so!

Outfits add options

Because she's more than artsy or sporty or sweet

Coordinating companions

The most adorable accessories for any style

Influencer inspirations

Original looks from a few of our faves
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For ages 13+

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Truly Me™ dolls

With a Truly Me™ doll, girls can express their personalities through a choice of 25 new dolls, plus 5 new outfits and 5 new accessories to mix and match! These 18-inch dolls come with an exciting selection of hair colors, eye colors, skin tones, doll shoes, doll accessories, and 18-inch doll clothing—there are even boy dolls. So when the girl in your life asks for one of those “just like you dolls,” American Girl is the place to make her wish come true!